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Helping children in Sri Lanka to live a healthy life!

Children's health matter! it is important to help them understand the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, use of latrines, and proper use of footwear. The Arukah Box project is to educate and empower children and their parents about the proper hygiene. 

The Process:

We connect with village leaders and identify the children who are living in impoverished areas and or not maintaining proper hygiene . This may due to financial struggle their family is going through.

The Foot Measurement:

Once we have the list, we then measure every child's feet to provide a properly fitting footwear. We wanted to make sure each child will be able to walk out of our event in their new footwear. This brings joy both in their faces and ours.

The Box with Supplies:

We purchase all items locally in Sri Lanka. By doing this we are helping the local economy of Sri Lanka. We even try to connect with small business owners as well.  One Arukah Box has shampoo, Body Soap, Detergent Soap, Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Comb, Detail: Anti septic lotion, A pair of footwear, Coloring books, educational materials, Skip rope ( or similar items) and other items needed for a particular location and age group.

The Event: 

We gather all the children and their parents in a community center. We then have various programs for their entertainment, education and empowerment. We also examine and wash their feet before fitting the shoes. If we notice any infections or issues with their feet then we do the follow up to help them to take the next steps.


We are now in the process of helping 300 Children in 3 different communities of SRI LANKA. The event will be in the first week of May. The investment for each box is about $20 (USD).  100% of this amount goes to this project. Your generous help is appreciated. Thank you for giving.



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