Transforming remote villages in India and other developing countries starts with giving the people the gift of clean drinking water. Having access to safe water is truly the catalyst that changes EVERYTHING. Fresh hope can be seen all throughout the community. The cases of waterborne diseases rapidly decline. People's lives are permanently changed – especially the lives of the women, children and elderly. Water is intimately related to the quality of life and liberation of the women of the village. When these women no longer have to walk approximately 5 hours every day to bring safe water back to their families, they suddenly have the freedom and the ability to invest in themselves, their families, and their communities like never before! We've witnessed thousands of women thrive and develop. So far, Breakthrough Water has completed 148 water well projects, and we're currently reaching our next goal of digging 150 new wells! Help us transform rural villages and the lives of thousands by giving the gift of clean drinking water!

Project: Breakthrough Water

Place: Andhra Pradesh, India

Sun, Sep 19, 2021